The Jets QB Question…again

Oh to be a fan of a team that doesn’t have to be concerned year on year with who will be their quarterback. Sadly, for us Jets fans, we’ve been dealing with this question each off-season for a number of years and 2018 is no different. We’ve tried our luck at drafting (Sanchez, Geno, Petty, Hack) and at signing veteran free agents (Fitzpatrick & McCown) but  the Jets have failed to find ‘the one’ for a long, long time. In fact, recent Jets QB history will be mostly remembered for being a comedy of errors; the butt fumble and Geno’s broken jaw to name but two bizarre outtakes.

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Back to football

It’s been a little while (a year or two), since I put metaphorical pen to paper on this site. Work, life, and a small case of moving continents got in the way of my football writing. But my love of the game is still intact, and as we slowly edge closer to the 2018 season, my aim is to get back into the writing groove, and I hope you’ll come with me.

It’s been an interesting and difficult couple of years as a Jets fan, knowing that limited success was likely. After a wholesale shedding of big names in the 2017 off season we all knew that last season was going to be a tough one, so the 5-11 record was a vaguely pleasant surprise. But landing at the bottom of the AFC East is something we don’t want to repeat going into 2018. Rebuild is only a valid excuse for one year! With the largest cap space in the NFL going into free agency, (nearly $90,000 according to, and a high draft pick, the Jets need to make the 2018 off season count.

What will 2018 bring? For us loyal Green and White fans, we need a see a step in the right direction. Offense must be the priority; the last time the Jets drafted an offensive player in the first round was Mark Sanchez in 2009! With no secure QB, a mediocre OL and a very young receiving and running corps, Gang Green need something to bolster the attack. Several mock drafts have us currently taking a defensive lineman. With Mo Wilkerson gone and Sheldon Richardson a distant memory, you could be forgiven for thinking this a good idea, but there is enough talent there to look to the other side of the ball. Whether picking up a QB is either possible or favorable remains to be seen.  Is Kirk Cousins the man for the job? NFL insiders suggest that NYJ are joint runners with the Vikings to pick Cousins, but despite some stand out moments (you like that?!) I’m not convinced Cousins, who has spent the last few seasons leading a mediocre Redskins team, is a long term solution. Baker Mayfield, despite his overly cocky attitude, could be a possibility, but GM Mike Mac might need to look for a trade to get into an opening for taking a decent QB. It seems like the signal caller saga is set to continue …

Whatever happens to my beloved Green and White, my aim is to get back to chronicling it here. I am now lucky enough to live in NYC, a front row seat to the successes or otherwise of the team I love. So watch this space, football is coming back…


The NFL: Heartbreaker

This time last year I was writing about the divisional round of the playoffs and the gut wrenching ‘non catch’ which ended the Dallas Cowboys’ dreams of returning to the glory they so desperately seek. Only last week, kicker Blair Walsh destroyed the hopes of the Minnesota Vikings when he hooked the game winning field goal wide left. Obviously in a game where only one out of 32 teams can win the grand prize a certain amount of disappointment is inevitable for the majority of participants. However as a Jets fan, the 2015 season has shown that there are definitely degrees of heartbreak and the closer you get, the harder it is to accept, especially when things seem to be heading in the right direction.

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The AFC Playoff Race

With two games left, the AFC postseason line-up is anything but decided. Unlike in the NFC, where  four out of the six places are clinched and the other two look set, the AFC still has a number of teams vying for January football. Somewhat predictably, considering both had a long undefeated run this year, both the Patriots and Bengals have punched their pass to the postseason but the four other places remain up for grabs. For the teams in the hunt, some who have their fate solely in their hands and some who don’t, winning out is key if they want to be playing football beyond week 17.

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International Series 2016: The Biggest Test Yet?

The three International Series games for 2016 have been announced with mini fist pumps across Europe from Rams, Jaguars, Redskins, Bengals and Colts fans (and raised hopes for the NFC East). For those who will get the chance to see their team play live possibly for the first time, it’s the start of an exciting journey. For those not lucky enough to have their team make the schedule, it’s not exactly the most enthralling line up with several of the weakest teams of 2015 showcased. On the other hand, it’s live football on our doorstep and with teams changing so much year on year it’s impossible to predict the quality. Continue reading

Thank you New York Jets!

Its now over week since the Jets arrived in London to face off with the Miami Dolphins at Wembley. Now that its all over, the win is in the bag and everyone is back home, it’s time to reflect on what was an amazing weekend to be a Jets fan in the UK. For me last weekend was one of the best sporting events of my life, pushing the 2012 Olympics close! It wasn’t just the game, but the whole experience from Friday onwards where I was privileged to have access to events and meeting people I still can’t quite believe!

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Back to football! Week 1 takeaways

It’s been a little while since my last blog entry but football is back and so it’s time to get back to business. As if to prove that the preseason counts for nothing (or very little) in terms of predicting regular season outcomes, the first tranche of games were full of unexpected twists and turns. To get my 2015 blogging season underway, here are my takeaways from some of the most headline worthy games in week one of the 2015 NFL season.

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