My favourite game

Earlier this evening I was babysitting my three year twin neice and nephew and managed to persuade them that ‘American football’ was more interesting than ‘In the night garden’. I’ve already indoctrinated one into being a Denver Broncos fan (purely through the purchase of orange Peyton Manning jersey on trips to the US) and it looks like the other may go towards the Bengals or ‘the tiger team’. Regardless, it seems like it’s pretty easy to turn anyone towards the drama of the NFL even if they are only interested in ‘why they are all falling over’.

Despite the recent huge expansion and interest of the NFL in the UK one thing I have noticed is the lack of female contribution in the media coverage (sorry but Bianca Gasgoine showing us round the New Orleans Superdome pre Super Bowl doesn’t count). In the US there are a number of female correspondents and I guess there is a gap in the market.  I’m not trying to suggest i’ m an expert… I’m still learning every week, however I really do love this game; the hits, the strategy and the complete ‘over the top ness’ of it all. Oh…and the New York jets!

As as time goes on I hope to comment on various aspects of the NFL both in the UK & US …. Watch this space !