The end of an era…the start of the next

I’m a Rex Ryan fan. (Note the present tense). When I first started following the Jets he was the first coach I ever ‘knew’; courtesy of Hardknocks watched on a laptop, mirroring the grainy picture from an online stream on the TV. In fact, I knew more about Rex and the Jets organisation than the actual game my new team played.   I like everything about him, from his no BS personality to his beige trousers and sweater vests. I like his defensive mind and the fact he ran a Joe Namath SuperBowl play to start the Miami game in Sunday. Rex Ryan is the Jets…except that as of yesterday he isn’t. So it was with a fair bit of sadness that I checked my twitter every 10 seconds at 1pm yesterday (8am ET) to wait for THAT announcement.

The thing is, I’m a realist too. I know that 4-12 isn’t good enough, that the Jets can’t win with just a good defensive line and that something had to change. 2 AFC championship games was good, but its been downhill since. Just not good enough. Rex will go somewhere else, they’ll be lucky to have him and Gang Green can start rebuilding. The question is who? Woody Johnson has recruited 2 decent consultants with wide ranging influence across the league in Casserly and Wolf and sources from NY tell us that approaches have already been made. This is all looking positive.  So far though for the HC job the current ‘names in the hat’ are mainly defensive experts;  is this what the Jets really need? Being married to a 49ers fan must be rubbing off on me too as I’m not too keen on Seahawkers (must remember they are currently much more successful than us!).

Whatever happens in the coming weeks and months it’s going to be an exciting, nervous and interesting time to be a Jets fan. Let’s face it, it can’t get much worse than this season. Football is a business and (even though he tried to correct the use of that word in his press conference) Woody has done the right thing. But I’ll always think fondly of Rex…I mean he did take us to 2 AFC championship games and provide countless comedy media moments (the Rob Ryan costume?!). So good luck Rex…and thanks for the memories. But on to the future with a tinge of sadness and a lot of expectations!