Hey Rookie (GM), Welcome to the NFL!

It was with a mixture of hope, optimism and a little trepidation that Jets fans approached the start of the 2015 NFL draft on Thursday 30th April, the first with rookie general manager Mike Maccagnan at the helm. Now that the dust has settled, it seems a good time to reflect on what has been, in my opinion, a very successful few days at One Jets Drive.

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The New York Jets Select…..Leonard Williams


I have a confession. When Roger Goodell announced the Jets first round pick on Thursday night, I wasn’t immediately jumping up and down in uncontrollable celebration. Stunned silence is a more accurate description.  Whether it was just was because the time was nearly 2am, that Williams had never been really been a realistic option on the cards or that the D-line was the one area coming out of 2014 which was in good shape, it certainly took me a while to process what Mike Maccagnan had just done. Skip forward five minutes and the realisation that the Jets had actually nabbed the widely touted ‘best player in the draft’ and the impact he could have on the team was beginning to dawn. I think it was just shock (and the effects of excess caffeine).

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